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Head and brain injuries or illnesses can be incredibly dangerous. Sometimes, the only difference between life and death, between walking away unscathed or with permanent brain damage, is a quick and accurate diagnosis followed by the appropriate treatment. Usually, this requires a brain scan like an EEG. Standard EEG machines are large, not transportable, and difficult to set up.

If you’re injured on the playing field or at home, you’ll have to be rushed to the Emergency Room and hope you make it in time. And once there, there’s no guarantee that the hospital will be equipped properly.

Only about 2% of Emergency Rooms in the US have both an EEG machine and a specialist that can set it up and interpret the test results. And even if you’re lucky and your hospital has an EEG machine and a technician, it will still take around 30 minutes just to set up all the necessary electrodes.

NYU neuroscientist Dr. André Fenton and the team at BioSignal Group have made it their lives’ work to provide access to potentially life-saving brain assessments to patients anywhere and anytime.

Their revolutionary microEEG is small and easy to transport, can be set up in five minutes by a novice technician, and provides results just as, if not more, accurate than a standard EEG machine. Incredible.

From Emergency Rooms and ICUs to ambulances to schools and sports fields, BioSignal’s microEEG can be used anywhere, anytime.

So when their digital presence started becoming a headache, helping them out was a no-brainer. Instead of telling them to rest and avoid bright lights and screens, we quickly and accurately diagnosed their weak spots and helped them present their research. The resulting traffic to their site would have knocked out their servers, but because they partnered with Breadcrumbs, it didn’t.

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