Working towards a better
and more sustainable future.
Working towards a more sustainable future
The Client
Act for Global Goals
The Dutch Government
The United Nations
Digital Strategy
Digital Platform
User Experience
The Netherlands
the effect
More than 40.000 participants
200% increase in attendants
611% increase in followers
Viral Social Media campaign

In 2015, world leaders from all UN member states set goals to transition to a better world by 2030.

While some progress has been made, we are nowhere close to where we set out to be. So when approached by UN Partners and the Dutch Government to find a solution, we came up with a 5 step plan to drive change.

Step 1: Find a way to activate non-activists, entrepreneurs, and businesses in their daily lives.

Step 2: Create a strategy to ensure the accountability and support of institutions and lawmakers by collaborating with localized NGOs and journalists.

Step 3: Utilize digitalization to facilitate and enhance participation. From online forums and digital conferences to improved data processing and automation, we improved outreach, increased participation, and allowed for better follow-up and engagement.

Step 4: Launch the viral #iact4Maastricht challenge that promoted concrete day-to-day action for the goals. 40.000 joined in the first month before spreading to municipalities throughout the region.

Step 5: Harness all this support and awareness to force action from and partnerships between lawmakers, entrepreneurs, change-makers, and activists. With great progress having already been made, we remain confident that together, we can transition to a better world by 2030

Alex Baker-Frisen, CEO at Ozymandias and Advisor for Act for Global Goals
Substance-driven, impact is not just a buzz-word with Breadcrumbs. I began working with Emil as part of the Act for Global Goals Project. He spent time understanding the narrative of our mutual client: to activate a community around the SDGs and to make them tangible with a new narrative that truly engages people. Making sustainability real and exciting for people who are not acquainted with it is very hard. With Breadcrumbs, the whole communications strategy was substance-dictates-form, creating needed momentum in the target audience. I highly recommend Breadcrumbs and their expertise to anyone who needs their voice to be heard so they can punch above their weight!
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