Sometimes you just have
to balance the books.
Sometimes you have
to balance the books
The Client
Turbine Publishing
Web Development
User Experience
Search Engine Optimization
The Nordics
the effect
291% increase in traffic
311% decrease in load time
66% reduced bounce rate
100% performance score

Founded in 2004, Turbine Publishing has made it its mission to publish books for everyone. Exciting mysteries. Funny children’s books. Literary novels. Historical textbooks. The list goes on.

Although on the younger side for a publishing agency, Turbine has managed to stand out for both their great and memorable books and their modern and innovative approach to publishing.

From finding the perfect balance between navigating resellers and selling on their own digital platform to creating a cutting-edge space for journalists and others working in communications, Turbine Publishing has adapted incredibly well to the modern digital reality.

So what did they even need us for? A hiccup really, a slight misstep that almost cost them everything: a falling out with Google’s algorithm. And just like that, Turbine’s existence was wiped off of Google.

Fortunately, we were able to balance the books and repair the relationship with Google. Once again Turbine has the same reputation with Google as they do with Danish consumers. Impeccable.

Nina Henriksen, Project Lead
Breadcrumbs delivers EVERY time! As someone who works in online marketing myself, I have met a massive number of people and companies in this industry, but none have even come close to Breadcrumbs. They are extremely professional, exceptionally competent, exceedingly efficient, imaginative, open, listens, honest, and very, very fair. We have worked on an ever-increasing number of projects. And I have been more than satisfied each time. Every time I find or start a new project, there’s no doubt in my mind as to whom to go to first. I do not hesitate for a second to recommend Breadcrumbs to anyone who may need their services.
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